And that’s how she became a hotel manager…

She’s been a hotel manager since she was 8 years old, but she didn’t sign her first contract as such until she was 41. What’s life like, huh? She remembers in detail the moment in which she knew what she wanted to dedicate herself to: where she was, who was holding her hand, the clothes she was wearing, the music that was playing… everything.

And it is there that a personal and professional path begins, unaware of the fortune she possessed by having such a clear objective from such a young age.

High levels of willpower, self-motivation and patience (it is a long process) have been necessary to face training, travel and international jobs where you can interact with many people and diverse cultures throughout this process.

And it has taken time, yes gentlemen, because the things that really matter in life take a long time to achieve and require a daily commitment . Because one is not a director just because he wants it with all his strength or they give him the position.

In fact, on occasions when he saw his goal moving away, he was assailed by doubts as to whether or not it was right. Even though she was trying everything, what he did and sacrificed didn’t seem to be enough.

And it is that there is a level that is not achieved with master’s degrees, mentors or with international experiences… It is through enjoying their successes and embracing their failures ; the latter essential to fully understand and receive success, where he understood a fundamental point:

  1. Put focus and energy in balance .
  2. Balance between Person-Team-Objective.

In this order, unchangeable.

1. If you are not prepared, you cannot help the rest

It is not a question of being selfish or arrogant, it is a broader and long-term vision that leads her to reflect : how is she going to ask/give things to the team members without having/knowing them before?

He is aware that he does not know everything, but that he is a point of reference for the team members. For this reason, she is constantly trained in different subjects,

2. Every team member is valuable

Each figure is important in its individuality and that is why they must be treated separately. Each one with their goals, needs, points of pain and satisfaction. Because they are people, neither more nor less.

3. People evolved to companions that evolve to team

The hotel works like a human body, each separate organ fulfills a specific and limited function, but when they all work together the result is spectacular. Pure Life!

A balanced team reaches the goal more easily, optimizing time in a more productive way and in a friendly and appetizing environment. Provide tools, clearly communicate the objective and accompany the process so that each one contributes with their abilities.

4. The target to “assault”

Last but not least , the goal. It is the end, not the beginning. The houses started with the roof are complicated to build, right? This way it is easier to digitize, implement new processes, make departmental changes, introduce higher quality services… In short, walk towards excellence with desire and not as an obligation.

His balance is found by honoring his values ​​(he has taken his time to discover them), walking leaving positively simple footprints, working on internal and external conflict from empathy, affection and humility to be able to set an example by doing and not by doing. say.

Sounds like a lot, but it can be done. And he is on the right path.

And, indeed, when she has internalized these lessons, the management proposal appears and she feels prepared to put herself under the spotlight of her team, her bosses, her CEO.

Because she is very clear that being a director is constantly being in a leading role with a lot of pressure and visibility, it goes beyond title or status.

He had the great opportunity throughout his life to go through different positions and learn from the base in many parts of the world, which is why he knows that power without conscience is very dangerous (the scar from his unfair dismissal reminds him of it when he “goes to change the weather”).

So in his office the percentage is as follows: 20% pure and simple management and 80% space for learning and trust , active listening, handkerchiefs for crying and, above all, laughter and fun. A place where ideas and dreams are told. Bidirectional, of course. So that the personal and the professional are in harmony, so that people and characters go hand in hand, so that the objectives set are met.

In short, cultivate in it so that it flourishes in others.

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