The 10 best Billing Programs for SMEs and Companies (Free and Paid)

The 10 best Billing Programs for SMEs and Companies (Free and Paid)

Managing customer payments and collections and keeping accounts up to date are fundamental tasks for freelancers, SMEs, and companies. A process that can be simplified with the use of one of the many tools on the market. This article aims to show you 10 of the best invoice maker software and explain each billing software in detail.

Find out about the solutions with adequate functionalities to issue invoices, control due dates and keep track of accounting and business expenses . Our list of the 10 best billing programs in 2023.

  1. a3factura, a program for freelancers and SMEs.
  2. Sage Billing for the management of any business.
  3. Factusol for its multiple options and advanced functions.
  4. Anfix to quickly scan tickets and documents.
  5. Direct Bill for its integrations with other applications.
  6. Billin for its ease of use.
  7. ZFactura to have a powerful documentation manager.
  8. Cloud invoices for being a free tool.
  9. KeyandCloud for online businesses.
  10. Billage, including CRM and project management.

What is a billing software, and what makes it different from an ERP

When integrating a new tool that takes care of the financial area, a question that usually arises is the type of application that should be contracted. On the one hand, we have the classic billing program, and on the other, the new ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. But what is the difference between them?

Billing software is a program that automates the creation, issuance and follow-up of invoices , providing, through reports and graphs, a real-time view of the status of the accounts in order to facilitate the manager in making more informed decisions. about the business .

On the other hand, an ERP is designed around modules responsible for managing all company activities, from inventory to human resources, unifying all the information in a single database.

Types of billing programs that you will find in this analysis

In our selection of the best billing programs, we evaluated various criteria to cover the requirements of any business, whether self-employed or SME. The fundamental ones are those related to the type of installation and the price:

  • Online billing software: cloud solution that can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Locally hosted solution: requires an installation on the user’s computer or the company’s servers.
  • Free Invoicing Software – Software that can be used at no cost, with some limitations on the number of invoices or customers.
  • Program to make invoices and payment budgets: it is the one whose property belongs to a provider with exclusive rights on the management, commercialization, and updates.

The functionalities offered, ease of use, reliability, availability of data, and customer support service has also been evaluated.

A cloud accounting and billing program works from secure and encrypted servers. It is the best option due to the multiple advantages it presents: access from different devices, mobility thanks to its connection to the web, without installations , etc.

The 10 Best Billing Programs: our TOP 10 of 2023

The accounting area is crucial for a company. The billing software should help simplify the tasks, invoice management process, and data flow between the different departments.

The best way to choose the right billing program is to get to know the different alternatives in depth. We present you 10 invoice management programs for your business.

1. A3invoice

a3factura billing software

A3factura is a simple, practical, intuitive invoicing program for small and medium-sized companiesSoftware in the cloud that allows you to create invoices, and budgets, and manage tax models in an agile way.

Outstanding features of the a3Factura program

Home Dashboard a3Invoice

With this billing software, you will have instant visibility of the most important indicators of your company, so you can identify risks and opportunities. In addition, you will be able to access multiple customizable templates to give your invoices a professional finish with your logo or brand, as you will see in the following image:

Invoice creation screen in a3factura

The solution from provider Wolters Kluwer stands out for its inclusion in TicketBAI, so that it complies with the tax regulations of the Basque Country, and for the possibility of increasing functionalities by contracting additional modules.

Another section of the program that we liked, which is very useful for those of us who work with a consultancy, is the option to set up a  collaborative work environment with the consultant to share customer and supplier invoices generated by the company.

Rates adapted to all kinds of users :

  • Free demo at any rate for 30 days if you need to register a credit card.
  • a3facturago: program without limitations for one user and from €9.90/month. Recommended for freelancers and SMEs.
  • a3facturapro: for companies with unlimited users and stock control. From €39/month.

Website: a3invoice

2.Sage Billing

Dashboard in Sage

Billing and accounting program with the quality seal that Sage prints in developing its solutions. It is valid software for managing all types of businesses: whether you are an entrepreneur, SME, or a company with several departments.

Its operation is extremely simple and will save us a lot of time creating invoices. You can configure taxes, discounts, and even the currency to be displayed as it is multi-currency.

Invoice creation screen in Sage

What advantages does this billing program provide?

  • An online tool with applications on Android and iOS.
  • Data is presented in a highly visual way to simplify task completion.
  • Basic accounting with the issuance of VAT and personal income tax forms.
  • Import contact, customer, and supplier data from a CSV file.
  • Detailed situation reports for decision-making in any sector.
  • Automation of bank reconciliation thanks to the possibility of connecting with the main banks.

In the following image, you can see the invoice that we have generated in less than a minute using the Sage program:

Issuance of documents in Sage

Apart from the advantages, some limitations of Sage Invoicing must be taken into account: one is related to accounting, and although we will obtain balance sheets and VAT reports, it is not a complete solution or a substitute for consulting services. On the other hand, the application does not incorporate all the functions available in the web version.

Available plans :

  • Demo with a free trial for 30 days. You only need to register an email account without needing a credit card.
  • Standalone – basic version for one user. No bill limit or additional expense. €10/month. Promo is available at a price of €1/month during the first year.
  • Pro: Multi-user and with connection to the consultancy. €25/month. No additional payments. Promo is available with a 50% discount for 6 months.

3. Factusol

Factusol graphic interface

One of the factors that limit entrepreneurship is usually the cost of starting a business; for this reason, that there are free billing programs is fantastic news. But is Factusol a totally free tool? The answer is yes, only the version of the program downloaded to your computer and does not include updates or support (unless you pay an annual fee). We must opt for the cloud version if we want to squeeze in all the features.

What are the strengths of the billing program?

This software is a solution that offers us a large number of options and advanced functions to keep track of payments and expenses and perform a multitude of tasks:

  • Stock management and accurate inventory tracking with various possibilities for organizing items.
  • Bank reconciliation with always updated information in a secure environment.
  • Create a budget model in a personalized way and attach documents.

Here is an example of the invoice designer within the program:

Menu options in Factusol

What aspects do we think can be improved?

Contrary to the proposals we have previously mentioned, whose user interface seemed very simple to us, in this case, we have a less intuitive design based on Office that can be complicated at first. Luckily, plenty of video and PDF tutorials are available online.

Rates according to the type of installation

As we indicated, the program has two versions: one for online billing and another installed on your computer. The rates are the following:

  • Free 30-day trial. Account registration with email, and then you can download the software.
  • On-premises: with updates €185/year, adding support €240/year.
  • In the cloud: from €25/month for one user, with support from €50/month. Suitable option for SMEs.

Product sheet:  Factusol

4. Amphix

Startup board in Anfix

Anfix, more than a billing program, is a suite of tools to carry out tasks related to the management and administration of the company. The platform operates from the cloud and offers applications on Android and iOS, also available for Apple Watch. In addition to allowing us to bill easily and quickly, it is a complete accounting solution that incorporates the download of tax models. Additionally, it markets stock control and project management modules.

Anfix billing software advanced features.

We especially like its documentation scanning system called Cleverscan: it extracts ticket and invoice data from the mobile and automatically uploads it to the program. The connection with our banks is remarkable for following all expenses and payments through Anfix. Finally, we cannot forget its integration with Shopify, Woocommerce, or PrestaShop.

This is how easy it is to issue invoices in Anfix:

Examples of invoices created in Anfix

Plans for different types of clients :

  • Free 15-day trial.
  • Freelance €10.90/month, Professional €22/month, and Business (for companies or SMEs) from €59.50/month.
  • Personalized rates for consultancies and dispatches.

Product sheet:  Anfix

5. Direct Bill

Visualization of direct invoice contacts

Introducing FacturaDirecta, an online billing program that is as easy to use as it is affordable. With details such as bank reconciliation, document management, and automatic generation of tax forms, FacturaDirecta is one of the perfect solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs who need a fast and secure way to run their business.

Through a well-organized control panel, we will have at the click of a click the information related to income and expenses, and the control of the tasks that we need to carry out.

Why does this option stand out?

One of the strengths of FacturaDirecta compared to other billing programs is the integration with third-party tools. For example, thanks to Zapier, you can automatically upload the data of the company’s customers and suppliers to mailing lists, or post the payments reflected in the documents you have previously uploaded to Google Drive. Like the Anfix software, it also has a scanning system through its mobile applications.

We show you how the invoice creation screen is in the program:

Invoice issuance screen in FacturaDirecta
Free billing program Direct Bill

What are your pricing plans?

  • Free demo for 15 days and a free plan with a limit of 10 clients and 10 products.
  • Basic: €10/month limited to 100 clients and 25 products.
  • Advanced: €20/month. Includes connection with banks and integrations.
  • Total: €40/month with accounting.


6. Billin Online Billing

Billin User Summary View

Cloud billing software aimed at freelancers and SMEs. It does what these types of tools are asked to do: create invoices or estimates and facilitate access to the data from anywhere. In addition, it has predefined templates to which we can easily add our logo and corporate colors.

What does Billin’s invoice program excel at?

An attractive option that it presents is that it can add direct payments from the invoice itself so that customers can pay it through Paypal or card. In this way, in addition to speeding up the collection process, we will have proof through notifications of the status in which it is located: Viewed, Accepted, or Collected.

Example of document generated in Billin

The Billin app stands out for its ease of use and allows you to take pictures of your expenses to upload them automatically. None of the functions available in the web version for company management are missing.

What is the price of this solution?

  • 30-day trial. All plans are compatible with TicketBAI.
  • Basic: €6.6/month for up to 5 clients and a maximum of 10 products.
  • Pro: €12.5/month for up to 50 clients and products.
  • Unlimited: €20/month.


7. Zinvoice (Version 2023)

Sales control panel in ZFactura

Some professionals and companies still prefer programs to make invoices installed on the computer. It is probably due to a question of security and control over the information. Zfactura, from Ziclope, is an alternative that meets these requirements and has versions for Mac and Windows.

Featured features of the ZFactura billing software

Just because you download it to your computer doesn’t mean you have to give up advanced features. For example, the Zfactura program has a powerful documentation manager that allows us to link any document to a budget or invoice model.

Another aspect to point out is the compatibility with the electronic invoice format Factura  -e  for shipments to public administrations. And the adaptation, in its 2023 version, to the new law on measures to prevent and fight tax fraud.

Example of invoice created with Zfactura

Pricing Plans

  • Free: 10 clients and 50 invoices per year.
  • Standard: €99 / license for one computer.
  • Professional: €199, multi-company and an unlimited number of computers.


8. Cloud invoices

Expense reports in billing software

Are there free billing programs, without limitations and in the cloud? Yes, and one of these tools is Facturas Cloud. There is no advertising and the provider agrees not to sell or transfer your data to third parties. However, as specified in the conditions, it is possible that at some point your software becomes paid.

What are the features of this free billing program?

We have tested it, and we have issued the invoice that you will see in the following image:

The control panel is extremely easy to use and is made of reports and graphs with company data and a menu bar with all the options.

The documents are created from the sales tab of the program. You can configure the appearance, taxes, discounts, and withholdings quickly. It also has an Android application that will allow you to carry out any management.

From “Settings” the users and companies we will use are registered. And from “Show more,” access to our advisor is given.



Keyandcloud billing program

KeyandCloud is an online billing software for SMEs and freelancers. By completing a simple form, you will be able to register your business, customize the appearance of the documents with our logo and schedule recurring invoices. In addition, it has a practical tool to create budgets, send links to potential clients and control if they have been seen and accepted.

Why is it one of the best programs to make invoices?

Data visualization in KeyandCloud

It stands out, especially for its integrations with various accounting programs and, for companies that are engaged in online commerce, with e-commerce platforms.

If you have a virtual store, you will find the program plugins that connect with Amazon, Prestashop or Woo commerce very useful. It also allows you to implement payment systems through Paypal, Stripe or Redsys. Other available “connectors” are Dropbox, Excel, Salesforce, etc.

What rates do you sell?

  • Free demo for 15 days without the need for a card.
  • Small: €12/month for two employees with a limit of 100 invoices.
  • Business : €24/month with bank reconciliation and expense receipt scanning.
  • Unlimited: €48/month with accounting.


10. Billage

Billage customer screen

An innovative all-in-one management tool that combines a billing program with a CRM system and project management software. Billage provides efficient business management for companies in any sector through solutions focused on increasing productivity and simplifying tasks.

What are the key tools of the Billage billing program?

Invoice model issued with Billage

The online billing software allows the company’s connection with the bank to reconcile movements. Bank remittances can be sent from the application. On the other hand, we have a robust CRM synchronized with the email account and Google Calendar. It has a customizable sales funnel for managing contacts and interactions with customers. Finally, the project module of the program facilitates management through Kanban boards, enhances teamwork, and offers precise information on the status of any activity.

How are your prices structured?

  • Billage offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Solo Plan: ideal for freelancers. Unlimited billing module. €12/month.
  • Sidecar Plan: suitable for SMEs. Two employees. CRM modules and projects. €24/month.
  • Team Plan: perfect for companies. 5 users. €48/month.


With the help of billing software, the self-employed, SMEs and companies will be able to automate financial processes and easily and visually monitor the status of their accounts to make better business decisions .

Comparative table of the best billing programs

Billing Software Featured Modules

Infographic: Billing Program Modules
  • Home screen or dashboard: a summary of all financial transactions is displayed so you can have an overview of your finances. It includes information such as total income, expenses, and profit/loss for a given period.
  • Sales or income: invoices are issued from this tab of the program. You must indicate the relevant customer data, the products or services provided and the corresponding prices. Once you have all the necessary information, you can generate the document and send it by email.
  • Purchases or expenses: This module records material and service acquisitions. You can enter data such as the date, the amount, the supplier, and the purpose of the expense. The tickets that we have previously uploaded through an app are also stored.
  • Contact module: it is the database of our customers and suppliers. First, we will have to register them in the application to be able to select them when we go to invoice any operation. By clicking on a name, a new window will open in which we will find all the information related to that client and the associated documents.
  • Reports: made up of graphs and tables that reflect the balance sheet, income statements and sums and balances. It also makes data related to fiscal years available to users and human resources.

Thanks to reconciliation, the movements that occur in the bank account will be synchronized with the invoice program, in this way the information contained in the accounting books will coincide with what is reflected in the statements .

Main advantages of a cloud billing program

  1. Easy and fast installation: the cloud does not require consuming the company’s own resources to implement the software.
  2. You will have your data available anywhere and on any device. All you need is an Internet connection to access your account.
  3. You can work with other people in real-time. Ideal for companies with employees who work remotely or for the advisor to have access to business billing from anywhere.
  4. The cloud is scalable. That is, it grows as your company progresses. If you need more users or storage space, you can add them without problems.
  5. You will pay only for what you use. And the price of the program is usually very affordable, especially when compared to purchasing a locally installed billing software license.
  6. Increased security : Cloud management solutions are more secure than those installed on-premises, as they use the latest technologies to protect data.
  7. Ease of use – Online tools are usually straightforward to use. You do not need technical knowledge or special training to use them.
  8. Centralized management – ​​Cloud software provides a central point of management for all users, making it easy to control and monitor.
  9. You can forget about maintenance, updates and backups . The provider is responsible for maintaining the service in optimal conditions and making the necessary backup copies.

To share financial information about the business with your advisor, to be able to easily issue invoices while out of the office, and to keep track of the status of payments and collections in which they are, an online billing program is the best option.

How to choose the best program to make invoices?

The selection of billing software is an important step since it will impact a critical area such as finance. Before making a decision, we suggest that you prepare a list with the essential characteristics that the chosen program must contain.

What factors to consider when choosing a billing program :

  • Functions adapted to our client profile: Do you have an international portfolio to which local taxes must be applied? Do you trade in multiple currencies?
  • Flexibility to make changes . Online billing solutions allow you to quickly adapt the number of users of the program to any increase that occurs in the workforce.
  • Telecommuting and mobile work : What is the work dynamic like in your business? Does it take place at the company headquarters or does it take place elsewhere? A program that has mobile applications can simplify any management.
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface. The learning curve of the chosen tool must be short to successfully integrate it into daily operations.
  • Integration with other computer programs that you use . Some billing solutions for SMEs can be integrated with accounting programs, CRM systems or project management, facilitating data exchange and avoiding duplication.

What are the recommended billing schedules?

Among the top 10 billing software listed in our article, there are some that will be better suited to one type of business than another. Depending on your legal status or sector, we propose the following based on our experience :

Best billing program for freelancers

What budget do you have? Do you have a stable annual turnover? Have you started your activity recently? The answers to these questions are decisive. If you still don’t have a lot of work, we recommend you resort to  free management solutions , for example, the  FacturasCloud software . Another excellent option is the  a3Facturago plan  from the Wolters Kluwer program.

Best billing program for SMEs and companies

We once again opted for the a3Factura software for an SME or company. We also understand that, in this case, you will want to keep a tighter control of finances, the  Sage Billing program  is very complete and includes accounting and taxes. For a large company with multiple departments and more complex management and reporting needs, we prefer an ERP.

Best consulting billing management software

You need a program that your customers can access. Keyandcloud  and  Anfix  enable a supervisor profile for the advisor, in this way you can control all movements and export files to other formats to automate the presentation of tax models or annual accounts in the commercial registry.

In accordance with the draft Law for the Creation and Growth of Companies, electronic invoicing will be mandatory for the self-employed and companies . Once published in the BOE, businesses with a turnover of more than 8 million euros will have 12 months to adapt to this obligation and the rest will have a term of 3 years.

Conclusion: Where to find the best billing program for my business?

In this article you have been able to see a list of the best billing programs available on the market. We have also compared various options, free and paid. If you still have questions and want us to help you find the right management software, contact us via chat or form.

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